Here's How You Glam Out Your Bedroom for Under $50

Here's How You Glam Out Your Bedroom for Under $50

Because that pile of clothes in the corner shouldn’t be your only bit of room decor.

By Angela Law

Be honest, considering how much time you spend in your bedroom, have you put enough thought into decorating it?

Think of the bedroom as the ashes from which the Phoenix re-emerges. I know. I'm being dramatic. But, I think it's a fair analogy.

The bedroom should have everything you need to reset and be your best self. If you have roommates, the bedroom is even more important because it is the only place that truly represents you. You should be surrounded by beautiful things that inspire you.

The best part is, beautiful things don't just come in the form of unicorn flea-market finds and super-expensive splurges. There are plenty of big outlets that sell interesting decor. You just have to put some work into it. You're too lazy to do the digging? Figured. That's why I did it for you. 


Nova Iridescent Mirror


The bedroom maybe be a good place for self-reflection ... but not necessarily so literally. If you are going for a chill vibe, a shiny mirror might be a little jarring. That's when you might opt for something like this muted mirror. It also works well as a tray or table top!


Tan Striped With Poms Woven Fringed Rug


Quirky and elegant at the same time, this rug makes for a fun, affordable accent to any bedroom and is availble in three sizes.


Agate Bookends


These gems will help you keep your books nice and tidy.


Acrylic Jewelry Box


Finally, a jewelry organizer that doesn't look like it came from my grandmother's house. Eleven individual compartments keep all your accessories nicely organized and untangled. 


Geometric Bud Vases


These vases look great in a cluster but also have a unifying effect for the room when scattered. They are also super cute and tiny — measuring in at around 2.5 inches each.


Wall Tapestry


Warm up your bedroom by adding some texture to the wall. A tapestry like this one can also act as a great headboard if you are looking for an alternative to a clunky frame. Extra points if you get it framed.


Midnight Tuberose Marbeled 3-Wick Candle


It's hard to splurge on a really nice candle. I mean, who likes to burn money? Still, there is no doubt that a candle is a symbol of sophistication and indulgence. Aren't those two things you want your bedroom to be?


Hanging Geo Planter


Playing with height in a room is always a good idea. Let these whimsical planters add a playful dimension to your decor.


Ivory Textured Diamond Denim And Wool Skylar Area Rug


The handwoven diamonds and zigzags on this denim and wool rug make it look (at least) a million bucks.

[buy_now path="" product_name="Ivory Textured Diamond Denim And Wool Skylar Area Rug" price="$49.99" vendor="World Market"][/buy_now]




This globe emits a low, soothing light that's perfect for the bedroom.


Charlie Bell Alarm Clock


For a truly relaxing evening, adopt a no-tech-in-the-room policy. You'll need something other than texts and notifications to wake you up though.


Tibey Throw


It is not easy to find a blanket under $50 — especially one that is made of 100% natural fibers. Trust us, this cotton throw is a steal. All luxurious bedrooms have well-layered bedding so be sure to snag a few of these.

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