People Are Freaking Out Over This Genius Hack for Cleaning Beautyblenders

People Are Freaking Out Over This Genius Hack for Cleaning Beautyblenders

It's time to give those dirty makeup sponges a deep clean. 

By Chantel Morel

When it comes to cult-favorite beauty items, the beautyblender is an absolute must-have. This game-changing makeup tool is key to achieving a perfectly blended finish. Don't believe us? Just ask Erika Girardi. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills performer loves the versatile makeup sponge and is even a spokesperson for the brand (check out the video above to see what we mean). But while the beautyblender makes product application a breeze, keeping it clean can be, well, quite a chore. 

As with regular makeup brushes, you should clean your blenders on a regular basis — preferably after one to two uses. However, due to the sponge's almond shape, it can be hard to remove all of the leftover product and gunk that sinks into the beauty tool. You may not even realize it, but if you were to cut your blender in half right now, you’d probably find old product lurking inside. Gross. And the worst part: all of that leftover product and bacteria can cause unwanted breakouts. But fear not fellow blenders, one beauty lover just tested a genius Internet hack that will leave your beautyblenders squeaky clean. Believe it or not, it involves a microwave.

The hack involves submerging your beautyblender into a cup of soapy water and microwaving it for one minute. According to Buzzfeed, the method has been floating around the internet for quite some time, which is how a 19-year-old student recently stumbled upon it. Earlier this week, Julianna Asouzu decided to put this hack to the test. After attempting it on several of her makeup-covered beautyblenders and beauty sponges, the products were left looking brand new. (The before and after images are seriously amazing.) Astounded by her results, Asouza shared the successful hack on Twitter.

Her post instantly blew up, gaining the attention of thousands of excited makeup junkies. Since then, many users have decided to try the hack for themselves, sharing their blender transformations on the Twitter thread.

Just look at those results! I don't know about you, but there is nothing more satisfying than having freshly cleaned tools to apply your makeup with. Not to mention, your skin will certainly thank you. 

But beware: if not done properly, the hack can cause some errr … explosive results. As Allure reports, it is important to place the blender into a cup of soapy water before putting it in the microwave or else the sponge will literally disintegrate. Asouzu also added this warning onto her Twitter thread after a few users posted their failed attempts at the hack.

BRB, folks. I have a few blenders that could use this DIY treatment. 

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