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I Revamped My Laundry Routine and the Results Were Life-Changing

Laundry day has never been one to look forward to ... until now.

When readers buy some of the products featured on Style & Living using the links below, we may receive a commission from each sale. Prices are subject to change.

Laundry is the bane of my existence. I put it off, put it off, put it off until my laundry piles are teetering like Jenga towers — or until I’ve run out of undies, let’s be honest. With kids in the mix, laundry duties can swell into an endless Sisyphean struggle; you barely finish one load before another piles up and another and another, on and on, ad infinitum, until you’re pulling at your hair like a 1960's housewife in a John Waters movie. But I recently found a way to circumvent the mindless drudgery of this unavoidable chore and actually get something good out of it — by doing a total laundry reboot.

I tossed the all my old laundry products, the ones I had been using only because I grew up with them, and started anew. I also replaced my tired accoutrements with more cheerful ones (see cute laundry bin below). Not only did it help get things cleaner in a safer way, I found that I began not to dread the whole process so much. Maybe it was the result of the invigorating aromatic boost from all the new product, but I even started to kind of get into it and like it. Life changing!

Here are a few laundry essentials that might help you love laundry time a little more, too.


Umbra Hub Ladder


The first thing that went was my rickety drying rack. This ladder provides way more aesthetic pleasure and it expands to hold just as much. Add some S-hooks to it and you’ve practically got a new closet!


Tulum Basket



This laundry bin adds a chic boho touch to any laundry space. So long sad mesh hamper.


The Laundress Whites Detergents



Laundry pet peeve: dingey whites! This bleach-alternative detergent from boutique brand The Laundress is formulated specifically to keep whites as bright as new. And the scent is freshness personified. Concentrated for up to 64 washes.


Common Good Laundry Detergent



For basic washes, this lavender-scented detergent from Common Good does the job and it smells great! Plant and mineral based, it is also safe for kids and the environment. Concentrated for 48 HE loads.


Tangent Delicate Detergent with Orange Oil



This fine wash detergent is suited for delicates like wool, silk, mohair, down and cashmere and ideal for hand washing, though you can also use it in a washing machine. The subtle orange scent is life-affirming bliss.


Tangent Fabric Softener with Peach Oil and Aloe Vera



Tangent puts the power of aloe vera to use (and avoids harsh toxins) in this fabric softener that keeps clothes feeling smooth.   


Puracy Stain Remover



Dribbled a little red wine on your favorite blouse? It happens to the best of us. For that there is Puracy Stain Remover, a natural, plant-based formula that works to eliminate stains without the use of dangerous chemicals.


The Laundress Denim Wash



To wash or not wash your denim? That is the question. This detergent is specifically formulated to clean, soften and preserve color, too. So go for it. You only live once.


Wool Dryer Balls



Made of pure New Zealand wool, these dryer balls reduce dry time up to 25% while softening wrinkles and eliminating static cling. 


Cold Iron Mojito Wrinkle Release Spray



Truly genius, this spray actually removes wrinkles without the need for ironing. Simply spray on the wrinkled item, smooth over with your hand and hang for five minutes. The wrinkles will fall out! Completely plant-based technology.


Common Good Linen Water



This indispensable spray has a multitude of uses. Infuse clothes and linens with a crisp scent, prep shirts for ironing, spritz the dryer before a cycle, or use to refresh your doggie’s bed. Certified safe for kids, pets and the environment.


The Laundress Sweater Stone



Nubby sweater got you down? This sweater stone, made of natural volcanic pumice, gently collects pills, lint and fuzz from knits. It even works on upholstery!


Joseph Joseph Wash and Drain Basin



I never knew how much I needed this little basin, an ideal substitute for a utility sink. Use it to wash delicates or pretreat clothing with stains. It's also great for dying projects and messy kids crafts as well.



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