Not Your Grandma’s Porch Furniture: Rattan Is Actually Cool Again

Not Your Grandma’s Porch Furniture: Rattan Is Actually Cool Again

You might want to grab your kaftan.

By Patricia Cunningham

For decades, rattan home furnishings were relegated to the thrift store bins of yesteryear, linked inextricably with eccentric grandmas who moved to Boca and started wearing oversized jewelry and kaftans and flirting with pool boys. Funny how things boomerang, because not only have we come to appreciate grams’ joie de vivre and bold fashion choices (and ahead-of-her-time approach to gender relations), but rattan home goods have staged a major comeback, too.

Textured, airy and festive, these pieces are popping up everywhere and new designs are giving them fresh appeal. Best of all, these styles aren’t just meant for the porch or sunroom, and they look good just about anywhere, lending a cool '70s vibe (albeit with an updated modern edge) to any space. Grandma would definitely have approved, once she finished her umbrella drink. Here are some of our favorite items…


Caterina Chair


This is one peacock chair that knows how to strut. Woven with natural rattan and with a high-gloss white frame, it will steal every scene in your house.


Avocet Rattan Fan-Back Chair



At a much friendlier price point and with stand-out character is this rattan fan-back chair from Target. Add the ottoman and you’ll be kaftan ready.


Happy Woven Rattan Planter Cover



Plants make you happy, and this smiley-faced planter wants to be sure you know that.


Ida Mirror



This little mirror will bring a ray of sunshine wherever it goes, literally.


Frazier Elephant End Table



An instant conversation piece, this elephant side table has a removable top that conveniently serves as a tray. 


Rattan Diamond Tripod Floor Lamp Black



Target’s diamond tripod lamp in stunning black creates an ambience all its own.


Rattan-Wrapped Monogram Hook



A little glitz, a little boho, these hooks are the ideal marriage of glam and global chic.


Canoga Rattan Bed



Please hold while I add this to my shopping cart.


Beehive Birdhouse



A beehive that’s a birdhouse—the birds and bees might find this one confusing, but either way it’s super cute.


Lupini Rattan Bench



Strikingly minimalist, but still all that and more — this bench is one stunning composition.


Rattan Pineapple Table Lamp



Every time I think I’m past my pineapple décor obsession, they pull me back in.


Cassia Rattan Bar Cart



Umbrella drink anyone?


Marte Storage Cabinet



This woven wood cabinet offers endless storage solutions — media, clothing, kitchen goods — not only that, it’s a beauty.


Dark Brown Rattan Bulb Hurricane Candleholder



These sleek hurricanes will keep things festive outdoors.


Rattan Orb Bulb String Lights



And very much on theme are these string lights wrapped into rattan obs.


Kim Lounge Chair



Now that you’re all set up, time to find a straw hat and kick back in this lounger.

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