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25 Secret Santa Gifts Under $25 That Your Coworkers Will Actually Like

We're here to relieve your office gift swap stress.

By Amanda Hawkins

Whether you're participating in a White Elephant-style exchange, or you happened to pick your office spouse from the hat and you need that perfect gift, we promise to have your back. Some are funny, some are practical, and none of them suck.

1. Motivational Candle

If you work at a startup or an office with a close-knit group of pals, go for something a little political for that outspoken coworker. Just don't burn these candles in the office of you'll have HR all over your desks.

2. Mini Waffle Maker

Who doesn't love waffles? And who doesn't love things mini-sized? Even better, it's just weird enough to be the perfect office Secret Santa gift, but just practical enough that it won't get re-gifted next year.

3. Cheeky Notepad

Is your work Secret Santa the friend that maybe just maybe struggles with deadlines? Help 'em out with this hilarious pad that will boost their spirits at the same time.

4. You Got This Mug

Like a best friend who's full of compliments, this mug will keep your coworkers motivated (and caffeinated) 24/7.

5. Chic Mug

Ahh, the desk mug. Everyone has one, and every single one has a story. Start your own chapter with this adorable gold-laden mug from Kate Spade. Warn your pal to keep it hidden at night though — this is one mug that's sure to get desk snatched.

6. A Sturdy Umbrella

One of the worst feelings is getting stuck at work in a rainstorm and realizing you forgot an umbrella. Save that forgetful coworker the pain of the rain with a portable desk umbrella.

7. A Beautiful Calendar

A pretty desk calendar is hard to come by, so let us make it easy for your coworker with the barren desk: And let's face it: 2018 was a doozie. If '19 is anything like it, we're going to need all the inspiration we can get.

8. Sassy Notebook

If they literally don't have time to say it aloud, have them say it with their notebook: I am very busy! Grab the matching file folders (for $14) for the complete "do not disturb" affect.

9. The Funny Mug

Save this one for your office BFF or a White Elephant-style exchange. The truth hurts but it can still be funny.

10. Sleek Tissue Box Cover

Help make the office a pretty space by covering up the unsightly desk tissues. The plastic cover slips over square boxes with ease, and you're left with the effect of smoke coming out of a chimney. Cute!

11. A Relatable Phone Case

More coffee. It's universal, and even more relevant in an office setting.

12. Stylish Desk Tray

For pens, pencils, and office knick knacks, a simple tray is a must. This gold stainless steel beauty will last the test of office time, but good lucking restraining yourself from buying one, too.

13. Cozy Blanket

No matter the weather, there's always the coworker who is shivering in the corner. For the chilly desk mate, gift them this large chevron-patterned throw. It's actually chic enough to not be embarrassing wrapped around their shoulders, but made of cotton so it's thick enough to be useful.

14. Hot Keychain

If you're in a $10 or less Secret Santa, this keychain is the perfect gift. Slyly pass it off to that coworker who's a little bit spicy and is always stealing your desk hot sauce.

15. The Perfect Waterbottle

Staying hydrated is important, and staying hydrated with a classy bottle is a must in offices of 2017. And if you're secret Santa is the one in the office without a cool water bottle, it's time to get them a S'well. It's a classic for it's sleek look and because it keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot beverages warm for 12. We're currently obsessed with the stone collection, and like the stark Smokey Quartz color. (The 9-ounce mini version is only $25, but if you buy directly from S'well, you get 15% off your first purchase when you sign up for email newsletters, so grab the 17- or 25-ounce version if you're feeling generous.)

16. Charging Cord

Personal story! Unfortunately, I've become the go-to person in the office when someone needs to "borrow" an extra phone charger. Don't be like me. (Nice?) Instead, gift your office bestie with their very own cord so they won't have to keep borrowing yours. This one is 60 inches long, so they can walk away from their desk and keep chatting with you. It's simple in theory, but will save you and your pal those annoying deskside drive bys.

17. A Glittery Pen

Pens are a hot commodity in all offices, and pretty pens are even more coveted. Just don't take the blame when this glittery pen goes missing off of the desk the day after the gift exchange.

18. A Lip Set

If your Secret Santa is always leaving for a last-minute happy hour or an event that just popped up on her calendar, help a sister out with a swipe of fresh makeup. The Chubby Treats Set comes with three Clinique Chubby Sticks in hudes of light to dark nudes. Add a pop of color to the cheeks, lips, and eyes in minutes. Maybe you'll just get an invite to next week's networking event.

19. Pretty Notebooks

No boring notebooks here! Stock up on 10 pastel-colored notebooks for the office mate who's always losing their notebook, always doodling, or just loves opening some fresh pages.

20. A Cute Humidifier

Office air sucks. Gift your pal with a personal desk humidifier for a puff of refreshing, hydrating air. BBB sells two mini versions in not-so prickly cactus shapes. Simply place it on the desk with water and it works directly through evaporation — no electricity necessary!

21. Fun Earrings

Shopping for the graphic designer with everything? These colorful studs are just funky enough to start a conversation but subtle enough that they won't clash with their all black outfits. How proud will you feel when they brag about their amazing new earrings?

22. Merlot Infused Coffee

For the wine lover and the coworker with constant hangover, grab a bag of merlot-infused coffee. The caffeine will perk them up and the merlot notes will remind them of last night's happy hour... but maybe that's not for the best.

23. Reusable Tote

Every office has the bag lady who hoards the free food, books, and more. And what gift is more more perfect than an adorable portable bag to carry home all of those goodies? At $10 a pop for Baggu's classic reusable bag, buy two in matching colors or prints — they sell more than 30 varieties!

24. Stress-Relieving Candles

Pink Himalayan salt allegedly helps with stress, so if you're paired with one crazed coworker, grab these mini tea light holders. As the candles burn, the aroma of calming pink Himalayan salt will be released, hopefully helping them ease up on the stress... and you as well. 

25. Funny Wine Glass

Pretty self-explanatory, this hilarious beaker glass is for the pal who is always ready for a splash as soon as it hits 5 p.m. 

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