Sweet-as-Pie Kids' Room Decor for Under $50

Sweet-as-Pie Kids' Room Decor for Under $50

Warning: Purchase of the following items might lead to your home being the most popular spot for sleepovers.

By Angela Law

Kids rooms are the hardest to decorate. There are endless options, things can get quite expensive very quickly, and (ultimately) it’s not even your room!

One way to mitigate the headache? Keep these goals in mind: Kids’ rooms are meant to stimulate. They are suppose to soothe and inspire.

So, while it’s easy to make the entire room an homage to Disney, Marvel, or some other blockbuster mega-brand, try to be a little more eclectic and mindful about it. Trust us, you’ll be giving Spiderman all your money soon enough. Try to keep him out of your homestead for as long as you can.

Here are some cute ideas to snag.


Balloon Dog Nightlight



If you won't get the kid a real puppy, at least you can give him or her this most loyal of watchdogs. Made out of rubber, you squeese its back leg to emit a soothing light for 30 minutes at a time. Cute, right? Sorry, Jeff Koons.


Woodland Animals Growth Chart


You could mark up the door frame old-school style, or you can make an art piece out of your child's milestones. 


JoJo Siwa Throw Pillow

If you watch Dance Moms then you already know that Jojo loves her bows. Then again, who doesn't? Only, she's figured out how to make a lot of money off of it. Which is fine by us because the only thing better than having a bow in your hair is having a giant one to rest your pretty little head on.  


Kids Fun Elephant Non-Skid Metal Bookends


It's always good to encourage reading any way you can!


Modway Multi-Colored Gumball Coat Rack


It's also always good to encourage tidiness any way you can! Kids will love hanging their clothes on this rack. And on the off chance that all the clothes are nicely put away in their drawers, it makes for a gorgeous piece of home decor.


Primary Hopscotch Blue Accent Rug


A rug that performs double-duty is just great in our book.


Green X-Large Lego Storage Drawer


Never ever step on a rogue lego ever again! Just kidding. There's no way to thwart that but hopefully this will help a little bit.


Erin Jungle Mania Round Wall Clock


We are all for monkeying around that will help them learn to tell time.


Modern Home Soft Plush Ride-On Stool/Ottoman


This is definitely the most useful stuffed animal we've ever seen. It's steady and padded enough to comfortably sit, lean, and play on.


Wall Decal Butterfly


With 80 3D stickers to play with, you can literally let your imagination take flight (sorry) with the decorating.


Sparrow Fox Throw Pillow



Screenprinted on 100% unbleached cotton, this little buddy is the perfect pillow to snuggle up against.




Just because it's the kids' room doesn't mean that everything has to be all precious all the time. Sometimes, a really fun print will perfectly suffice.




If we had this lamp on my desk, we would have wanted to do homework all the time. Just saying, Mom and Dad.


Graham & Brown Frame Wallpaper


Here is a super fun way for lil' Bobby to learn about (and remember) all the important faces and places in his life. This will hopefully lead to less crying when Aunt Betty tries to give him a kiss on Thanksgiving.

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