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The Daily Dish Backyard Envy

We Found the Chicest Indoor Planters to Brighten Up Your Home This Winter

When you're buying a plant, the pot should not be an afterthought.

By Angela Law

As someone who has been a lifelong brown thumb, I know two things to be true: 1) plants die, and 2) plant pots are with you forever.

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Most of us spend so much time picking out the perfect plant that its vessel is a mere afterthought. You know what I’m talking about. You find the most gorgeous plant and then just grab whatever inexpensive, inoffensive terracotta is sitting around. Then the plant dies and you are stuck with a planter you don’t really care about but don’t want to just throw away. Slowly, you've accumulated a terracotta graveyard.

My solution was to start buying nice, big planters that I could hide the small terracottas in. I figured if the plants actually grow, I can transfer them into the bigger pots. If the plants don’t make it, at least I have cool pieces of room decor to look at?

(Of course, if you are a green thumb and your plants don’t die, you already appreciate the importance of having nice planters.)

Either way, ahead, you'll find some gorgeous options to brighten up any home. 


Signe Tall Planter


Coming in at 14-inches tall, this planter is a great way to add dimension to a room. It would work really well with a cluster of indoor plants, but also sits quite pretty in pink on its own.


Sagebrook Tribal


This super graphic planter is just screaming for some tropical, leafy greens.


Hanging Earthenware Bowl


This pot is perfect for anyone who wants a hanging planter but is not into macrame (like me).


Wood & Stoneware Indoor Planter Small


I’ve seen versions of these at fancy designer stores and was so stoked when I found this guy at a fraction of the price.


Nesta Tiered Planter


Because sometimes you want height but don’t really want a tree. This also gives you a lot of room to play with different textures. For example, this picture shows two succulents but you could also do a drapey plant on top and tall, stalky plant on the bottom!


Sune-e Planters


Into minis? These lined up on a shelf or windowsill is about one of the cutest things ever.


Ceramic Pot Planter


This sophisticated and modern planter adds a touch of chic to the room without stealing all the attention.


Reimers Marble Ceramic Cylinder Centerpiece


Marble has been making a real comeback the past two years and this is a great, safe way to hop on the trend.


Face Pot


Think of it like exquisite corpse. What kind of hair do you envision for her? Now go find that plant!


Stoneware Plant Pot


I love, love, love stoneware. There’s something so homey about it. The texture adds interest to an otherwise pretty neutral object.

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