Does Alaska Eat Chinese Food?

Does Alaska Eat Chinese Food?

Kim and Alaska definitively answer the question on everyone's mind.

Who are some of your favorite clients, Kim?

KIM & ALASKA: Some of my favorite clients are and have been Bridget Kelly, Mary J Blige, Amber Rose, the NBA, Drake, and Keith Bullock. I feel like I'm forgetting someone! LOL! Let’s just say I’ve had a lot of fun over the years.
Is it difficult to cook naked?

KIM & ALASKA: Not at all! I feel like that should be in the “New Wife Handbook” on how to keep your marriage spicy! Not to mention the look on my husband’s face was priceless. It's fun, sexy, and spontaneous. I also think I had on heels too!
Is going clubbing the key to a good marriage?

KIM & ALASKA: No. Alaska and I were a part of that life: hanging out, clubbing with friends, and always feeling the need to get fabulous. We were young in NYC living our lives in the fashion and music scene, having a blast doing it with each other. It was our modern day Studio 54!  That story might not be the same for everyone. And we're not that into it now ironically! We just go out now for birthdays, special events, etc. Does Alaska actually eat Chinese food?

KIM & ALASKA: No! Only "Asian Fusion" LOL!

What triggers the bickering at the end of Alaska’s trips to New York?

KIM & ALASKA: Well, it's not all the time. But when we both have a tight schedule and limited time together, it always heightens the situation. It's hard to manage some of the spare time you have effectively, but thank God it's few and far in between.

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