Kathryn and John on the Shower Speech

Kathryn and John on the Shower Speech

Get the couple's reaction to John's sister's unusual speech at the baby shower.

Is John still a "Mr. Hire-it" vs. a "Mr. Fix-it"?

KATHRYN: John is most certainly still a “Mr. Hire It.” He has his good friend come over and put together all sorts of things like the T.V. and stereo system in the bathroom, closet rods for me and the baby’s clothes. John even went as far as nicknaming him “Rent a Husband.”

I am kind of over getting him to put together all the baby’s toys and furniture I’ve bought over the internet. One time he spent an entire day trying to fix something and in the end it still wasn’t done. I have to say I prefer to spend time with him and the baby doing fun stuff like going to a fair or out shopping rather than watching him get frustrated over putting something together. John may still be a “Mr. Hire It” kind of guy, but it frees up his time to be there for me and his son just the way we like it.

JOHN: I hate fixing things; it’s a waste of my time. Perfect example: I’m at Glow Tanning Salon and I was trying to replace a light bulb. Simple right? Well it took me two hours because the casing was broken. I had to go to the store to buy a new light casing. I can’t express how much I hate putting together or fixing things, it could ruin my whole day.What's the biggest challenge of working together?

KATHRYN: Working together has definitely gotten better. There have been many times where we go in to work together, he concentrates on the book keeping and maintaining of the beds and I am in the front of the house getting to know our clients and improving our products and customer satisfaction. We have definitely come along way now that we have been co-owners for a year and actually enjoying spending time together growing our business and brainstorming about different specials and ways to make Glow Tanning Salon the best in the area. Two brains are better than one, and together we made our salon one we can be proud of.

JOHN: The biggest challenge of working together is learning to trust Kathryn more. I think she is doing a great job. She surprised me.

What was your favorite baby shower gift? Which came in handy the most?

KATHRYN: My favorite baby shower gift was the Bugaboo stroller my parents got us. I take the baby everywhere I go -- to the salon, gym, and of course shopping -- so the stroller has become his best friend and it rides like a Cadillac, nice and smooth!

We got so many amazing gifts like the swing he falls asleep in, a bouncer, bottle cleaners, baby monitors -- who knew one baby requires so much?! Our home is full with baby stuff everywhere, definitely not the bachelor pad I moved into a year ago.

JOHN: “4Mums” -- it’s a sleeping swing for babies. We put him in it and he’s out in three minutes. Wish I could buy one for myself. What were you thinking during John’s sister’s speech?

KATHRYN: I knew she was bored at my shower and thought it was chaotic, but considering she did not help or give me any kind of support planning it, I  didn’t think she would have the nerve to make my special day about her. She practically begged my guests to stick around after the shower to hear what she had to say, so for a minute I thought it was going to be something important, but in the end it got me furious. At seven months pregnant feeling big, tired, and ready to have this baby, the last thing on my mind was catering to her need to get more attention. At the end of the day I couldn’t be bothered; I was preparing to be a mom not a babysitter to my sister-in-law. I couldn’t be bothered with pettiness.

JOHN: The speech at the baby shower could have been more thoughtful.

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What were you both feeling when the pool table discussion came up again after the baby shower?  What did it mean for both of you?

KATHRYN: At the time I thought John was ready to step up and be a dad. For nine months we were planning together, getting ready for our son and to be parents. I was so excited when he told me he was ready to sell the pool table, and after he said he was still thinking about it, I lost it. I freaked out thinking he wasn’t taking being a parent seriously and I needed my partner to be on the same page as me. I felt like I was going through this pregnancy alone and just wanted my husband’s support and excitement, I wanted him to show me he was really ready for our son to be born. Now I get why it take nine months to have a baby, each parent-to-be really needs that time to adjust and change into a responsible mature parent, that way when the baby comes you are ready to leave your childish ways behind A.K.A. get rid of a lousy pool table.

JOHN: When the pool table came up I knew I had to get rid of it. I always loved playing at home. But I do realize I need to grow up, so I don’t mind getting rid of it. I like joking with Kathryn.What was it like preparing for the baby? What was the hardest part? The best part?

KATHRYN: Preparing for our first baby was pretty exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. First of all my pregnancy wasn’t easy. I was sick all the time, I got really big right away, and hated being pregnant. I thought I would love it and it would be the most amazing thing ever, but the reality was it sucked. Preparing for the baby was a great distraction from how I was feeling and it brought me and John closer; going baby shopping together and picking out the theme for our nursery were all very special and bonding experiences. Unlike our business styles we were on the same page when it came to preparing for the baby.

I think the hardest part was figuring out what we really needed, what type of bassinet? Stroller? Car seat? Monitor? Breast pump? I thought it was going to be easy, but these days there are a million different kinds of the same thing. When the baby finally came, we ended up returning so much; we went for practical and not what looked good, but that lesson didn’t come till later, much later. Parenting is easy, preparing for the unknown is another story.

JOHN: Painting the baby’s room was the hardest part. For some reason Kathryn wanted me to participate -- she thought it would be more sentimental for us. I hated it. The best part was the registry, picking out the furniture and cool gifts.
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