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S1 - E8

Ep 8: Happily Ever After

365 days later…how did the newlyweds do, and how will their marriages fare in the future? At their overdue Mexican honeymoon, Kim and Alaska come to grips with the reality that they still have much to work out with their bicoastal marriage in year two. Kathryn and John slowly acclimate to parenthood, and while they have no regret about their honeymoon baby, they admit they probably should have waited a little longer to start a family. Tina’s widowed father becomes a newlywed, giving Tina and Tarz an opportunity to reflect on the ups and downs of their own first year of marriage. Blair and Jeff finally explore how to meet each other's needs with the help of a sex therapist. Emotional enlightenment and further epiphanies ensue… but will they stick?

Aired: 06/24/2013