Newlyweds Q&A: Adonis and Erica on The Cheating Confession

Newlyweds Q&A: Adonis and Erica on The Cheating Confession

Adonis explains why he came clean to cheating two days before his wedding as Erica dishes on why she ran out. 

An Explosive Confession
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Sign Up for Free to View How do you each feel Adonis Gladney' father's relationships affect your own?

Erica Gladney: Adonis’ father’s relationships are a constant display and reminder of Adonis’ past life. It makes me feel that Adonis will be influenced to go back to his Hollywood player ways because his father is always glamorizing the idea of having multiple women.

Adonis Gladney: I don't feel that my father's relationships really affect our relationship. However, I do believe that Erica is worried that my father's relationships will influence me into going back into my old ways. Namely, being a player and wanting to have multiple women in my life. However, I am over that lifestyle and am ready to settle down with one woman. Erica is the love of my life and I only want to be with her. Erica, did you have any idea that this shocking confession was coming?

EG: I had no clue this confession was coming. I had suspected that he had cheated on me, but I had no clue that he had slept with prostitutes. I’ve asked him so many times in the past if he ever paid for sex, but he always laughed it off and made it seem like I was crazy for asking.

Bravotv.comAdonis, why was it so important for you to confess before you walked down the aisle?

AG: I felt that it was really important for me to confess to Erica about my past indiscretions because they weighed heavily on my heart. Many times in the past Erica had asked me if I had ever used my wealth to pay to sleep with women. Being embarrassed, I always lied about the truth of the matter. However, weeks before getting married the pressure of the guilt of the deception became too much and I just wanted to start our marriage out with a clean slate. Erica, what was going through your mind after the confession and why did you run out?

EGI was in complete shock after Adonis confessed to me. I couldn’t even hear anything after 14 prostitutes came out his mouth. I ran out because I didn’t’ want to hear anything else at that time. I wasn’t ready to listen to his explanation or reasoning. I just wanted time to take it all in and process it without his influence. Adonis, what was going through your mind when Erica? 

AG: When Erica left I felt sad, alone, and afraid. I released some of my guilt by telling Erica the truth but now I may have lost the love of my life. However, I truly hope and pray that she changes her mind and we can make another go at our relationship. I don't know what I would do without Erica, I believe that she is truly my soulmate and I will am willing to do whatever it takes to get her back.

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