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S3 - E1

Ep 1: Wedding or Knot

Four new couples embark on their first year of marriage; Malibu real estate mogul Rob is ecstatic to marry his Persian Princess, Tara, but he finds himself at odds with her parents, who want a traditional Persian wedding. After meeting in college seven years ago, aspiring New York power couple Rob and Ro are confident they can plan their own wedding, but as the big day draws close, a surprise thunderstorm threatens to rain them out before they reach the altar. Meanwhile, Craig is excited to tie the knot with his fiancé Brandon, but first he’ll have to face his anxiety over kissing his husband in front of his family. Ex-Hollywood player Adonis comes clean to his soon-to-be wife Erica about his past indiscretions. His plan to clear the air before tying the knot backfires, potentially jeopardizing the future of their relationship.
Aired: 01/03/2016