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The Real Kid of NYC Ally Zarin gives her take on Camille's dinner party.


So I have to be honest, I diddn't even want to write about this week because I was so bored during the first 30 minutes.

BUT thank god for Jessie's return, and PCs comments at the dinner. I thought it was hysterical when Camille tried calling her out for not showing up at her dinner.

My good pal Cole was very cute at that dinner. And I'm used to people showing up late on our show.....but things happen, so they shouldn't have given him such a hard time for his tardiness. I almost fell off the couch listening to PC's outbursts. He and Jessie really do make the show.

Although Sebastian is an extremely awkward dancer, so is everyone at concerts, sans camera crew. So guys, chillax on the criticism. BUT, he was harsh when talking to Taylor on their relationship.

She was a little quiet, but the "subconscious" spit on the ground seemed disrespectful.

And for Camille's date, I have never felt more awkward watching a reality show. I wanted to jump into the conversation and start speaking with them, just to break the ice. That would be a perfect time for Mystery to jump in.

The preview looks good for next week. Don't forget to check out


And I am meeting my idol Saturday night. So I am practicing my speech for when I meet him :)

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