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Innocent Intentions

Kelli defends her post-date chat with Taylor.

This episode focused a lot on the “love triangle” between Taylor, Sebastian and myself. When Camille, Taylor and I went shopping, it seemed like we were playing 20 questions with Taylor. We were just playing around with our friend and chatting about recent events. Normally when I get together with friends, we catch each other up on whats been going on in our lives, which is what I was doing with Taylor. Regardless of how it seemed, I think Taylor knew there was no intentions of offending her. As you saw in the spa scene, I like to respect others privacy, and would prefer to spend time on myself and singing rather than gossiping about the lives of others. The phone call with Sebastian had the same innocent intentions that we had with Taylor. Camille and I just wanted to catch up with him on their date, as friends would do. At that point, all I really wanted to do was take of the mud mask!

In this episode, the Upper East Side is referred to as a “bubble." I’m not quite sure how to respond to this because I have mixed feelings about it- allow me to explain. There may be people on the Upper East Side who choose to remain…in the Upper East Side. It’s up to an individual to reach out to others in order to break through this bubble. If one chooses to partake in the stereotypical world of the Upper East Side, than that’s their prerogative. Stereotypes exist everywhere but its up to each individual how they wish to live their lives and whom they choose to surround themselves with. I appreciate associating myself with people from different backgrounds. Because I appreciate all types of genres, as an artist, it has made me a more open-minded person; just as there are all sorts of styles of music, there are just as many different cultures and backgrounds that I am open to and choose to immerse myself in.


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