Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Culver

Culver Bradbury

•    Hometown: Huntingtown, MD   
•    Birthdate: July 31 
•    Zodiac sign: Leo
•    Years of experience in Yachting: 4
•    Special skills: Dancing, entertaining, and being an overall athletic specimen  
•    What are the biggest and smallest tips you’ve ever gotten? The biggest I’ve received was $18,000. The smallest was a lovely handshake. 
•    What was your first impression of Northern Sun? I liked that it was an expedition yacht. I knew we weren’t going to win the Monaco boat show, but we’d definitely crush the charter season.  
•    Favorite place you’ve been on charter/ place you traveled? I always enjoy a dual season with winters in the Caribbean and summers in the Mediterranean. If had to pick one place to travel, though, it would have to be Barcelona. 
•    Sum up this season in three words! Adventurous, entertaining, and memorable