D. Micah Lindsey

Cleveland, Ohio, native D. Micah Lindsey has worked for Diann Valentine for the past seven years collaborating in the love and relationship space. At The Venus Affect, he works diligently by Diann’s side to help deserving women rewrite their love stories. With a strong male perspective and his larger-than-life personality, D. Micah has a balance of humor and heart that shows clients what men really want.

D. Micah has always aspired to achieve greatness in every area of his life. After attending Bible College and graduating from Kaplan University with a bachelor’s degree in business, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of breaking into the events industry. He is currently the owner and principle designer of D. Micah and Company, a full-service event production and design firm that specialized in luxury events, invitations, and florals. A lover of textiles, colors, and extravagant floral designs, D. Micah has learned how to skillfully merge all three into tasteful collaborations producing stunning visual works of art. 

He currently lives in Los Angles, California, where he is an avid patron of the arts and enjoys spending time reading, cooking, and raising his two dogs, Bailey and Hailey.