Danielle McNeil

On-Land Occupation: Podiatrist

Danielle McNeil is a whip smart doctor with a wild streak and a penchant for adventure. While Danielle is Type A when she’s handling the group’s itinerary, she’s a free spirit once she actually steps on the yacht. Danielle is particularly hard on outsiders and doesn’t waste time on anyone who isn’t already awesome. It’s her dual personality that drives her attraction to her worldly and energetic boyfriend Barrett. Danielle counts her emotional and financial independence as her greatest strengths and chooses a man as a partner because she wants him, not because she needs him. That’s why her upcoming move to San Francisco is so terrifying – she is leaving her family, giving up her apartment and looking for a job across the country for Barrett. She is changing her entire life for him but will he be willing to change his entire lifestyle for her?