Evan Tauber

On-Land Occupation: Restaurateur 

When Evan Tauber is not traveling, he’s an entrepreneur who owns nightclubs and restaurants in the college town of Morgantown, West Virginia. He is known as the loyal friend of the group who everyone turns to when they’re having troubles on the boat or back home. Evan may be the first person to step up and act responsibly when problems arrive, but he’s also the first person to let loose when the party starts. Evan earned the nickname “Sleeper Cell” from Danielle, because you may not notice him when he first steps onto the boat, but lots of people notice him when he’s breakdancing on the bow in his Speedo. Evan is the oldest person on the boat, and is getting to an age where most people start to trade their party days for play dates. Will three weeks away from his businesses reveal to him that it’s time to take life more seriously, or will the career night club and restaurant owner keep the party going?