Gamble Breaux

Gamble Breaux is quirky, quick-witted and one to place your bets on when it comes to standing her ground.  The stunning former model lives on the prestigious Mornington Peninsula with her now husband Dr. Rick Wolfe, one of Australia’s most respected cataract and laser refractive eye surgeons.  The loved up couple share their stunning sea-side home with Rick’s cheeky nineteen year old son Luke, and her two Pomeranian fur-babies Cash and Wicket.

In between Gamble’s "maintenance" work of pilates, jogging and the occasional touch of botox, the former model loves nothing more than spending her free time behind the easel.  With a passion for painting, Gamble not only creates her own masterpieces, but also works  part-time as a contemporary art consultant in both Melbourne and Sydney. On top of this, Gamble has also designed her very own handbag line.

Gamble the blushing bride, spent most of the year planning her beautiful Byron Bay wedding.