Greg Plitt

A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, Greg Plitt, went on to become a Captain and Ranger in the US Army. He is now self-employed in the entertainment and fitness fields, constantly busy as a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and model. He likes to live a very active lifestyle and enjoys the challenges of pushing himself mentally and physically every day. He believes in persevering through every obstacle in order to reach all of his goals in life. While he has a very competitive and brutally honest side to him, Greg is secretly a hopeless romantic. He finds success in the adventures that scare him the most, and his biggest fear is to look back on his life and think he could have done more with it. With a "no regrets" attitude, now is the time for Greg to take a risk on love and step over the friendship line with Melanie to see if they could make it as something more.