Spy Games Season 1 Headshot Jessica Studnicky

Jessica Studd

Los Angeles, CA

Cannabis Sales, 33 years old

Born and raised in Maryland, Jessica is the second oldest child of seven very gifted siblings. Jessica struggled to interact with neurotypical humans as she was growing up, but a later diagnosis of Asperger syndrome shed light on her journey and empowered her. Through years of internet trolling, she has developed what she calls “social engineering." Rather than hacking via technology, social engineering is about hacking people through their patterns and mindsets. In the past, she has created notorious personas in various online forums to troll other users. Through high-level catfishing, she has also helped several friends and clients catch cheating spouses and partners. After several years in the tech sector, Jess transitioned to the cannabis industry. Today, her goal is to launch a self-sustaining commune that offers a fully immersive, plant-based healing experience.