Jhoan "Sebastian" Grey

Cali, Colombia

Fashion designer Sebastian Grey is no stranger to the high-end market, with 10 years’ experience working with renowned designers like Lina Cantillo and Andres Otalora. Colombian-born Sebastian worked in his family’s leather business while growing up, learning his skillset for detail and precision by listening to what the customer wanted and keeping up with pop-cultural trends. Sebastian was inspired to go into fashion design after attending a ballet performance with his parents and ended up attending Incolballet, a fine arts school two hours from his hometown. It was there that he began paying close attention to the details of the outfits being constructed for the dancers and how the outfits came alive and told stories through expressionism. He also learned the discipline to accomplish his goals that he continues to carry with him to this day. Sebastian attended the Academy of Professional Drawing in Cali, Colombia, where he majored in fashion design. He won a scholarship to attend Instituto Marangoni in Miami, Florida where he continued to develop and define his collections and capabilities as an artist. His collections as a professional designer have been seen all over Colombia, and he has owned and operated stores in Cali and Medellin under his Sebastian brand. Sebastian’s vision and hope is to take the United States and abroad by storm with his sophisticated concepts, unconventional construction methods, and attention to high-end detail.