Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Luke

Luke Jones

•    Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia  
•    Birthdate: June 19
•    Zodiac sign: Gemini
•    Years of experience in Yachting: 7 
•    Favorite off-boat activities: Networking with good people, skydiving and anything water-based
•    Who do you miss most from home when you’re traveling for work? I don’t miss home anymore because I’ve been away so long and have had so many other homes. I honestly feel like the world is my home. Family is key and I’m lucky enough that they love to travel like me.   
•    Favorite place you’ve been on charter/ place you traveled? I was so lucky to be based in the Seychelles for four years. That place is heaven on Earth.
•    What’s one thing about working and living on a boat that would surprise people? Isolation from friends and family. It’s about understanding that while working on boats, you’re opening up your mind and life to an abundance of new people and experiences. You’re going with the wind letting yourself be free with the travels.