Rachel McGowan

On-Land Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher

A nurturing soul who is always cooking for and cleaning up after her friends, Rachel McGowan considers herself to be the “mom” of the group. But that doesn’t mean she’s an angel either – if you mess with her, she has no problem dumping a bucket of cold sea water on your head in the middle of the night. On the BucketLust in Belize Rachel met a very successful business owner named Albie, and promptly moved to Boston to be with him. None of Rachel’s friends were surprised when that relationship quickly flamed out, having warned her that romances that begin on yachts rarely survive in real life. However, Albie has since restated his feelings for Rachel, and he’s coming to the Bahamas. Rachel is hoping that her willingness to gamble with her feelings will finally pay off, and Albie will be the exception to the rule.