Project Runway Season 19 Sabrina Spanta Head Shot

Sabrina Spanta

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Age: 29

Originally from Afghanistan, Sabrina Spanta and her family fled the Afghan war to a refugee camp in Pakistan. Tragically, her mother died during their journey, and Sabrina’s dad was left to care for her and her siblings. In 2000, both Sabrina and her sister were adopted in the United States by their great aunt, whom she now calls Mom and feels is her “true mother.” Sabrina’s eye for design bloomed during her time in Afghanistan while watching her birth father work as a tailor. In 2013, she created her self-titled line, Sanowber, and has received recognition at numerous events and publications such as Charleston Fashion Week, St. Louis Fashion Week, CNN News, and more. She draws inspiration from modern architecture for the silhouettes and shapes of the garments she creates. Sabrina’s passion for patterns and embroidery comes from her various cultural experiences. Although she went through hardships in 2020 and had to move back to Michigan to live in her teenage home, she is ready for the next chapter in her life.