Sonia Kasparian

Portland, Oregon

Sonia Kasparian has always been an artist, and as a child growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, she used drawing to escape and express herself. In elementary school, she studied at the Chicago Art Institute on weekends in a program for skilled young artists to learn more about various types of art, from drawing to sculpture. Always curious to learn more about different facets of art and design, she tried various programs within the school, and while she was intrigued by architectural design, she ultimately enrolled in a fashion design program. While her first love was fine art, she graduated from Otis/Parsons in Los Angeles and graduated Designer of the Year with a BFA in fashion design with the plan to work in the corporate world to make money with her designs and eventually move back into fine art. Thirty three years later, Sonia has had stints working at Nike, designing NBA apparel and Team USA Olympic apparel for the men’s and women’s beach volleyball teams, Quicksilver, Roxy, and O’Neil as their Director of Global Branding. Sonia designed OP’s original monokini and created Roxy’s signature board shorts. These days, Sonia creates bespoke couture and bridal pieces instead of working for a larger company, to focus on one of a kind pieces. She continues to pursue her passion for fine art and building homes as time allows.