Susanna Paliotta

Hailing from Johnston, Rhode Island, Susanna Paliotta is a successful entrepreneur, business woman, author, pilot, and more. A recipient of the Woman in Business Award, Susanna is the co-founder of Bound by The Crown Couture, a stylish lifestyle clothing brand for children. Susanna attributes her love of animals (her children's book Isabella goes to the City features a fearful little dog) and flying (she is a small plane enthusiast and loves to fly a Cessna 172) to her late father who was an engineer and a professional jockey. Susanna is married to successful construction entrepreneur Antonio and has two daughters: Victoria, 21 and Isabella, 7. Susanna became a strong anti-bullying advocate after almost losing Victoria in a horrific teen bullying incident and vows to help others through her story and the Stop, Think, Feel Pledge. Daughter Isabella is a star in her own right as a model, actress, singer and pageant champion.


Susanna is the former Mrs. Nations USA and Mrs. Massachusetts Perfect Woman. Susanna is the current Mrs. Rhode Island United States and looks forward to nationals in July when she and fellow cast member Lynne Diamante will compete at the nationally televised Mrs. United States Pageant in Las Vegas.