4 Rude People You'll Definitely Meet in Your Life — And How to Deal With Them

4 Rude People You'll Definitely Meet in Your Life — And How to Deal With Them

Whether they're people you need to see everyday, or someone you only have to deal with for a short time, here's how to be prepared.

By Jen Glantz

As much as you wish you could simply just surround yourself with people who treat you with the upmost respect and only display kind actions to you, that kind of fantasy world simply doesn’t exist. Instead, whether it’s at your job or in line at the grocery store, you’re destined to have moments with people, you know or don’t know, where they are completely rude to you.  

So how do you deal with those people without losing your cool? Check out these four scenarios and how you should respond next time you find yourself inside of them. 

A Boss That’s Crossed the Line

Your work environment can be an extra uncomfortable place to be when your boss has thrown you some shade and been extra rude to you. Whether they put down the work you did, refused to give you the time of day when you had a question, or made a comment that felt like a giant blow to your ego, it might seem like you’re in a pickle because if you speak up for yourself, you wonder if that means you’ll lose your job.

The first thing to do in this situation, is to outline all of the ways your boss has been rude. Write down specific instances, including the dialogue that was exchanged and the actions taken. If it’s a one-off thing, it might be worth addressing it with your boss the next time you’re able to sit face-to-face. If it’s something that happens regularly, speak to someone in the HR department, or another manager in the company, to let them know what’s going on, and what they recommend you should do so that your time at work isn’t a purely miserable experience.

Coworkers Who Are Stressing You Out

Competition in the workplace is real and very much a thing. So what do you do when you feel like your coworkers are trying to sabotage your work or just being plain old rude when you bring up a suggestion in a meeting or ask them to do something for you?

Put an end to the rudeness as soon as you can. Even if you’re not a confrontational person, find a way to communicate to the coworkers who are stressing you out in a mature and professional way. If it’s something you need help doing, chat with a manager or boss you trust and see if they can step in, without telling throwing you under the buss or making you seem like a tattletale.

A Random Person Who Rubbed You the Wrong Way

If you spend anytime, outside the comfort of your own home, chances are someone will be rude to you. Maybe it’s while you’re behind the wheel and someone, out of nowhere, cuts you off or honks their horn at you for over a minute. Or maybe it’s while you’re walking around and someone bumps into you, says a nasty remark, or pushes in front of you in a line. When is it OK to speak up and when is it just fine to let it go, take a deep breath, and keep on living the best version of your life?

The simple answer is that you should stand up for yourself and call someone out for being rude, in a polite way, if your interaction with them truly matters. Is this a person in passing that you’ll never see again? If so, it may be better to let the moment go and write them off as being rude. If it’s a person you have a moment to chat with, instead of pointing fingers at them, communicate with them to find out what’s going on. 

A Store Employee Who Is the Opposite of Helpful

It happens in every store, from the discount ones to the high-end ones where the world "sale" doesn’t exist, a store employee who you ask for help, rolls their eyes or says something rude back. While you might want to get defensive back to them or report them to their manager, instead take a step back and determine if their response was the product of them having a bad day or just lack of respect for you. If it’s the later, then you may want to bring the issue up with a manager or even give feedback to the store via an online survey. If they are just having a bad day, let the rudeness go and instead, find someone else at the store to help you out. 

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