8 Outrageously True Holiday Hookup Stories

8 Outrageously True Holiday Hookup Stories

Merry merry — 'tis the season for holiday hookup confessions!

By Delaina Dixon

Ahh, the holidays. Time to spend with family, exchange gifts — and, if you’re lucky, get a smooch (or more!) under the mistletoe. ‘Tis the season to be frisky with these tales of crazy holiday hookups — including one from yours truly.

“Our office goes crazy during the holiday season. Each department has a little holiday party leading up to the big company event. We even do a Secret Santa. There was a hot guy named Jack in our office who happened to be my secret crush. When we drew names, I was thrilled to draw his! My girlfriend and I went shopping for the perfect gift under $25, and I got Jack some golf balls because I knew he likes to play golf on the weekends. While we were shopping my friend also picked up some balls — kegel beads to surprise her boyfriend on Christmas night. We got them wrapped at the same time and put them the trunk of my car. The day of the company Christmas party I had my secret Santa gift with Jack's name on it. The party was fun and I was excited to get some one-on-one time with him. As we were talking about the holidays, Jen from HR handed out the gifts. Jack insisted on seeing what I got. It was a pretty knit scarf. Then he opened his gift in front of me. His face went extremely red. Then he smiled widely then whispered ‘Well, I’m sure my boyfriend and I could have some fun with these!’ Horrified I had given him the wrong package, I admitted it was my gift. We laughed about it and now hang out all the time.” — Hannah, Morristown, N.J.

“I loved being a twenty-something single during the holidays. All my friends worked for companies in finance and tech, which have really good parties with lots of food and booze. At the time, I was a comedian/actress/personal trainer so I appreciated the over-the-top celebrations that I didn’t have access to on my own. I would work out feverishly a month before and buy the clingiest metallic dress and the highest heels. Once at the party, I worked the room for the hottest guys to collect numbers and cards. One year, after getting up my liquid courage, I walked over to this guy and 'accidentally' dropped my scarf, which he quickly retrieved. I then leaned over and whispered, 'I hear there is some mistletoe hanging in the copy room. Wanna help me find it,' which we did, for a good half-hour. And this story has a happy ending. We wound up dating, and got married three years ago!” — Jennie, New York, N.Y.

“Last Christmas I decided to go back to my hometown for the holidays. After a few days of visiting old friends and stuffing myself with holiday treats, I decided to take a hot yoga class. The class was a little less challenging than the classes I take in San Francisco, so the instructor was extremely impressed with my form. After the session, the instructor and I began to have a really good conversation about yoga practices. I noticed he was getting physically closer and our bodies were lightly touching. He casually asked me if he could show me a few new poses that he wanted to incorporate into class in the new year. As we stretched together I began to notice how handsome he was and how toned his body was. Needless to say, by the third pose, we were kissing and making out. I definitely got my chakras aligned!” — Sarah, San Francisco, Calif.

“I was visiting New York City on a business trip, and they had just lit the tree in Rockefeller Center, so I decided to go check it out. I was admiring the lights when I noticed a very pretty woman standing across from me, shivering as she gazed at the tree. I decided to make my move and asked her if I could buy her a cup of hot chocolate so we could both warm up. She turned her head for a moment, and then said, 'why not?' We went inside Blue Bottle Coffee and sat there for almost two hours. I was feeling very sure of myself, so we as got up to leave, I asked her if she wanted to come back to my hotel for dinner (and maybe more, I thought). She reached over and kissed me on the lips, and then said, 'I have to get back to my family. I’m sure my husband is wondering where I’ve been all this time. Thank you for an incredible afternoon.' Her hand squeezed my shoulders and I realized she had kept on her fingerless gloves the entire time to hide her wedding ring!” — Louis, Boston, Mass.

“During Christmas break, a few friends and I decided to hang out at a local sports bar. I was fighting a cold, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from having a good time (I was 21 and thought I was invincible!). We were laughing, tossing back drinks and playing a few games of darts when a good looking fellow student crashed our girls’ night. He flirted openly with me and my friends, and in the words of Monica I thought, “the boy is mine!” It was time to drive home, and being the gentleman that he was, he offered to drive us. We got to my house and I was thinking, “well, of course, he is going to kiss me.” He leans in … and gives me a hug! We exchanged holiday pleasantries and I entered my home wondering why he hadn’t gone in for the smooch. Passing a mirror, I quickly learned I wasn't as successful as I thought about beating my cold. I gasped at the reflection and understood immediately why there was no goodbye kiss — my nose was completely crusted over with snot!” — Tiffany, College Park, Md. 

“I was in Washington, D.C., during Christmas time to visit my brother. He was getting off work at  6 p.m., and it was already 5:30. But I couldn’t resist opening up my hookup app — and saw a handsome guy was staying at the Mandarin Oriental, right next to my brother’s job. I offered to stop by — how could I resist the temptation to visit one of the most luxurious hotels in our nation’s capital? At the front desk, I had to give his first name because I didn’t know his last. I was escorted to the elevator and taken to the executive floor. We had a very intense —though short-lived — romance; a life relationship condensed into the best parts! Oh, and I was ten minutes late to meet my brother — he was pissed.” — Peter, Detroit, Mich.

"My family and I decided to spend Christmas 2013 on a cruise ship.  I had just appeared on a new TV series but didn’t think anyone would recognize me. I saw a handsome guy at karaoke the first night and we chatted for a few minutes. When I went back the next night, he was there and said to me, 'Haven’t I see you on TV? I recognized your voice.' From that moment on we were inseparable. Our families went to dinner together on Christmas evening and he performed the Ike Turner portion of 'Proud Mary' — with my mom! On our last night, we stayed up all evening, cuddling in a lounge chair on the lido deck until we had to return to our rooms to pack. It was 5:30 a.m. when I snuck into my room. My sister bolted from her bed and yelled, 'Where have you been? I thought you got thrown overboard!'" — Delaina, New York, N.Y.

“It was New Year’s Eve, and I decided to take it up a notch with my 'friend with benefits.' After returning home from a mundane dinner, I left him a note telling him to meet me at our local bar and pretend he didn’t know me — so we could play out a fantasy of meeting a stranger. We played it out perfectly like we were meeting for the first time and couldn’t keep our hands off one another. It was so sexy! He was getting high fives from other guys for picking up a chick on New Year's Eve. And it one of the best nights of sex I ever had.” — Erika, Montclair, N.J.

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