A Former Miss England Shows Us What an Honest-to-God Post-Baby Body Looks Like

A Former Miss England Shows Us What an Honest-to-God Post-Baby Body Looks Like

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By Marianne Garvey

A former Miss England is giving a sigh of relief to fans for her real portrayal of her post-birth body.

The stunning Georgia Jones shared a very candid photo of her post-baby body, taken just hours after she gave birth to her son Cooper, and it’s a very real portrayal of “I woke up like this.”

The 31-year-old, married to McFly's Danny Jones, welcomed her first baby on Jan. 27 and posted on Instagram what we wish the rest of post-birth moms would — her not-yet flat stomach still in baby bump shape — and it’s honest and awesome.

“This was me a few hours after baby Cooper was born.... Greasy Hair, prickly legs, very sore bits, big pants & one very empty wobbly tum....But I wouldn’t change a thing,” Georgia captioned the shot.

Supportive fans and moms-to-be commented, with one writing, "You look really beautiful. Sometimes we struggle to see that, but you look stunning. Xx"

Another wrote, "Just having another look at your amazing just given birth photo - my due date is 13th feb and you really have helped me. I only hope I look as good as this!"

"I'm 15 weeks pregnant and you are such an inspiration. I can't wait to meet my little human. I've been loving every stretch mark so far," wrote another. 

"Love this post so honest and it’s not all about having the baby and within a couple of hours you're glowing with a flat tummy because that does not happen this is an honest post and shows what it is like to be a new mummy absolutely love you x"

And Georgia was also honest about wanting to get back in shape, even though she is giving herself enough time to heal and be a new mom.

“Do I miss my pre-pregnancy bod?... Abso-blummin-lutely (& that’s fine) Will I try my hardest *when fully recovered & ready* to get said body back??? Hell Yes! (which is also totally fine) But do u know what... if things are never quite the same again then I’m cool with that, My body pushed that little person out!! Well done body, I’m super proud of you. #mummy #babycooper #postpartumbody #mamayougotthis #postbabybody #fitnessmotivation And yup, I posted this during a 2:30 am feed, with one eye open & milky boobs. Multitasking at its finest!! #multitaskingmummy

Georgia had taken her fans along on her pregnancy ride, revealing she had been in the tub when she felt a contraction.

“I thought this baby is going to be born at home in the bath ... or in the car,” she told Hello.

Cooper was born just 36 minutes after arriving at the hospital.

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