Taylor Nolan Shares Her Unique Perspective on Mental Health and Reality TV

Taylor Nolan Shares Her Unique Perspective on Mental Health and Reality TV

She appeared on The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise and now has a new mental health-focused podcast.

By Marni Eth

Before Bachelor In Paradise aired last summer, Taylor Nolan was best known for feuding with Corrine Olympios about ‘emotional intelligence’ while competing for Nick Viall’s love on the 21st season of The Bachelor. Although she didn't get a ring that season, she did on BIP from costar Derek Peth, and is currently happily engaged!

So what is she up to now? Taylor is putting her Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling to good use with her new podcast Let’s Talk About It that she co-hosts with her longtime friend, Kitt Bender! Not surprisingly, Episode 1 is all about ‘emotional intelligence’, and each episode is packed with intriguing conversations about anxiety, vulnerability, and other emotional conflicts that plague contestants while filming reality shows.

Personal Space caught up with Taylor to learn more about her unique perspective on mental health and reality TV, and why she believes BIP is an easier place to find love than The Bachelor!

Personal Space: Do opposites attract when it comes to personality types? Do extroverts fare better dating introverts, or does attraction override compatibility?

Taylor Nolan: Natural chemistry carries heavy weight in compatibility, but I think there is something to be said for two personalities balancing each other out. You and your partner’s personality type can help tell you some information on how you two might handle conflict within a relationship, which can be an indicator of a successful relationship. John and Julie Gottman have done great research on how the matching of styles of handling conflict can predict success/happiness in a relationship. Whether the personality types are similar or dissimilar, it is important for couples to explore and understand their partner. Derek and I did some exercises while I was preparing the episode on Introverts vs. Extroverts and gained major insight into how we both think and handle different situations. Communicating these differences or similarities can help improve compatibility. 

PS: Do you think BIP couples have a better chance of making it in the ‘real world,’ because there is more quality time spent together, as well as more men and women to choose from?

TN: BIP offers a more realistic setting for finding love than The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Not only are there multiple dating options, which balances the playing field, but it is also a much more relaxed environment. Each person and couple is different, but being able to spend quality time together in order to actually develop the foundation of the relationship is crucial, and BIP definitely offers that. 

PS: Have you always practiced journaling, or was that something you started when you were on the show?

TN: Journaling has always been one of those things that I know is good to do, but is sometimes really hard to follow through with doing. I have to schedule it in or consciously take time to write. Journaling on the show was an absolute must for me! Not only because I wanted to be able to look back at those moments, but also to help process everything that was going on around me. I was able to release thoughts that I wasn’t always comfortable sharing, like how much I missed my family and friends. When I take time to journal, at least once a week, I strive to write at least one page and I always start with “I feel____”  and go from there! 

PS: If you could pick anyone to do a guest spot on your podcast who would it be? 

TN: Hands down, Brene Brown. She is my soul-sister, vulnerability life coach. Her work has inspired so much of my past work with clients, content for the podcast and changed how I live my life.

PS: Are you and Derek doing any wedding planning at the moment?

TN: There is no current wedding planning, but we do discuss ideas around a wedding. We both would like an outdoor wedding! Right now we are focusing on next steps of living together and further developing our careers, before we get too serious with wedding planning.

(Let’s Talk About It releases new episodes every Tuesday and more updates on @letstalkaboutit_podcast on Instagram!)

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