Members of This Dating Site Receive Feedback From A Plastic Surgeon On Their Physical Flaws

Members of This Dating Site Receive Feedback From A Plastic Surgeon On Their Physical Flaws

They even pay extra for the "advice."

By Marianne Garvey

Dating app BeautifulPeople (which has rejected more than nine million people from its dating community) has teamed with a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to provide brutal feedback to rejected applicants to help them improve their looks. Oh, and they get a discount. Fantastic.

So you’re paying for someone to tell you what’s “wrong” with you? Who in their right mind would sign up for this?

Tons of people, apparently.

The site will now tell failed applicants exactly what is wrong with their photos/faces, and how and what they can fix with makeup or surgery.

Greg Hodge, 43, managing director of the dating site, tells Personal Space that after being rejected from the site when he experimented as a customer himself, he decided he needed a physical upgrade.

“After eight years of being off the site, I wanted to get back on the factory floor and experience my app as a customer,” Greg says. “I thought I’d sail back in without needing to make a special effort with my application. When I couldn’t get voted back on, it was a blow. It wasn’t good enough to just be told your application wasn’t successful. Like any break-up, you must know why.”

BeautifulPeople teamed with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Linda Li, MD., who is overseeing all feedback to applicants. She offers advice to these failed applicants about how they can improve their aesthetic. Wannabe members can pay $45 to find out (or confirm) their physical flaws — and advice on the procedures they could undergo to become beautiful.

Dr. Li advised Greg to get Botox, a procedure called Treat Sculptra to replace volume in the temples, and laser genesis treatment to “create a more youthful look.”

The most common “flaws” of rejected applicants? Here’s what Greg lists:

  • Badly lit application photo
  • Overweight
  • Backdrop that fails to inspire
  • Moody facial expression
  • Bags under eyes
  • Bad hair
  • Sallow skin
  • Larger than average facial feature
  • Unflattering hair style
  • Visible paunches, or signs that you're overweight

Applicants are only admitted if the existing members vote them “beautiful” enough.

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