What Are the Best Cities for Single Men? The Results of This New Survey Will Surprise You

What Are the Best Cities for Single Men? The Results of This New Survey Will Surprise You

Here's where single men should move to in the U.S.

By Marianne Garvey
Madison, Wisconsin is best city for single men

First of all, what makes a city the “best” for single men? Well, it's where guys say they feel most welcome and can afford to live a nice life. LendingTree analyzed the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. to figure out which cities make the list.

Madison, Wisc., is the best city for single men primarily because of how well it performs on health and safety measures (it also took the top spot in the best cities for single women). The Midwestern city also had one of the highest culture and entertainment scores of the cities ranked, with numerous arts institutions, bars, restaurants, and other fun things to do.

Hartford, Conn., and Albany, N.Y., are the number two and number three best cities, respectively, for single men, mainly due to their high scores on health and safety. Hartford did notably well on demographics, as it has a more balanced ratio of single adults.

On the low end is Stockton and Bakersfield, Calif., which ranked second and third from the bottom, respectively. Although both metros had better economic scores than Memphis, the unemployment rate for single men in each metro is on the higher end, and they both scored poorly on culture and entertainment.

Coming in the last spot was Memphis, Tenn., which scored the lowest overall. The city scored poorly on economic opportunities as well as culture and entertainment. However, the main factor dragging the final score down was Memphis’ extremely low safety score, reflecting that it has the highest violent crime rate of the 100 metro areas ranked.

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