Beyoncé Changes Her Email Address Every Single Week, Reveals Ed Sheeran

Beyoncé Changes Her Email Address Every Single Week, Reveals Ed Sheeran

Hint: It's not

By Tamara Palmer

Beyoncé is not trying to get an email from you, him, her and all of them — if what Ed Sheeran just revealed about her is true.

The strumming crooner, who has collaborated with Queen Bey, told Entertainment Tonight that he has an email address he uses to get in touch with her, but it "actually changes every week."

Ed's admission has already brought out some skeptics from the cybersecurity community.

Surrey University professor Alan Woodward told BBC that temporary "burner email addresses" are often blocked by mainstream email providers, so he doesn't think someone of Bey's stature would use them.

"It is highly unlikely a celeb would change their email that often, as it plays havoc with trying to stay connected," he explained. "More usual is to have a set of email addresses which are used for a variety of purposes including friends and family, business, finance, password resets etc. You then have some in your set which are highly disposable and you would use those for interactions that may go awry with people."

Still, if you thought you could reach her at, try again — you may guess right for seven days.

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