Caitlyn Jenner Bonds With Kylie Jenner Over a Very Millennial Activity

Caitlyn Jenner Bonds With Kylie Jenner Over a Very Millennial Activity

The Olympic dad will take bonding where it comes — even if it means wearing blue lipstick. 

By Jenny Berg

At 68 years old, Caitlyn Jenner is the first to admit it: she doesn't know "what the hell" an Instagram filter is. But, she's willing to learn — especially if it means bonding with her daughter Kylie Jenner

On August 1, Kylie took to Instagram Stories to record a little moment she was having with her dad. But first, some context:

The makeup mogul recently put out an Insta filter that lets users see what they'd look like in any shade of Kyle Cosmetics lipstick. Caitlyn had caught wind of the launch, but had questions. "What is Instagram filter? I saw: oh, Kylie's using Instagram filter. What the hell is that?," Caitlyn asked. 

Watch and learn. The younger Jenner showed her pops just how to use the feature, ultimately giving her a virtual swipe of bluish lipstick. Take a peek: 

Not a bad look, eh? Nor, we might add, is it half bad to see Caitlyn hanging out with her kids. After all, the former Olympic athlete has recently bemoaned  feeling isolated from her clan. If blue lipstick and filters is what it takes to help her keep strong ties with her Millenial offspring, it appears she'll take it! 

Credit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

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