Celebs Are Using Social Media More Than Ever To Reach Out For Baby/Pregnancy Help

Celebs Are Using Social Media More Than Ever To Reach Out For Baby/Pregnancy Help

Yes, the public is here to help. 

By Marianne Garvey

You would think with all the money in the world, celebs would hire experts to take care of their problems. They already have nannies, baby nurses, housekeepers, chefs, and anything else they want at their fingertips. But, when it comes to being a mommy, everyone wants to feel they're doing their best, and so celebs often crowdsource answers on parenting like the rest of us. 

First-time mom Serena Williams was at a loss when her three-month-old daughter Alexis Olympia started teething, so she 'grammed about it looking for help.

“Teething- aka the devil – is so hard,” she captioned a pic of baby. “Poor Alexis Olympia has been so uncomfortable. She cried so much (she never cries) I had to hold her until she fell asleep. I’ve tried amber beads… cold towels…. chew on mommies fingers…. homeopathic water (lol on that one) but nothing is working. It’s breaking my heart...I almost need my mom to come and hold me to sleep cause I’m so stressed. Help? Anyone??”

Seems that when it comes to being a mom, we're all looking for the same answers. And some sleep. 

Chrissy Teigen has never been shy about talking to her fans about what's happening in her life, and now with her second pregnancy, she's sharing that she's suffering from the worst headaches ever. 

The model mom of 19-month-old Luna Legend took to Twitter to ask her followers for advice on how to remedy it.

“I love being pregnant. I like it more than not being pregnant,” she wrote. “But the headaches, my god the headaches. Someone…please help. Don’t say water. Or Tylenol. Or iron. Or magnesium. I need witchcraft.”

This is the second baby for Chrissy and John Legend, and Chrissy isn't shy about asking us regular folk what's normal and what's not.  

It's not so unusual for stars to turn to their fans for some very human advice — last year Elizabeth Banks told Parenting that she's always ready for some help.

"Be open to any help. Many moms today feel they have to be super moms, while historically we’ve always had a village to pitch in. I think it's really important to know when to ask for help," she said. 

Kelly Clarkson even offered up some advice of her own when it comes to getting baby to sleep through the night, tweeting advice on a book that helped her — and baby — get some rest. 

"Attention all mothers with babies.... Best book I've ever read!! My baby girl sleeps 11-12 hours every night!" recommending Twelve Hours' Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old.

Kerry Washington takes advice from her boss, Shonda Rhimes.

The Scandal star and mom-of-two tells InStyle: "If you feel like you have just the right amount of help, then you don't have enough...My therapist said this too. You need a lot of support. No just logistically but emotionally and spiritually."

One celeb who doesn't want your advice? Jennifer Garner. 

The mom-of-three told Seth Meyers last year, "It doesn’t matter, let it go, don’t worry about it. You're going to struggle, it’s going to suck, just like for everyone else." 

"Don't listen to anyone's advice, including the kind found in books about raising babies," she said. "Just know in your head, 'This is all going to go to hell in a hand basket.'"

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