Moms Thank Chrissy Teigen for Showing Off Real Post-Partum Life (and Underwear)

Moms Thank Chrissy Teigen for Showing Off Real Post-Partum Life (and Underwear)

Yes, she's wearing a diaper. 

By Marianne Garvey

Chrissy Teigen tells it straight when it comes to the pains of motherhood — like the fact that both she, and her baby, are wearing diapers.

Her latest Instagram post shows her in her kitchen standing in the giant, mesh postpartum underpants the hospital gives you to wear for weeks following baby. Not many women talked about the so-not-sexy diaper like undies, until comedian Ali Wong came along with her new Netflix special, Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife, which Chrissy referenced in her post.

Chrissy, 32, recently welcomed her second child, Miles Theodore Stephens, with husband John Legend. The two also share a daughter Luna, 2.

Fellow moms on Instagram loved her honest portrayal of post-baby life, with one writing, “All mothers know those underwear” and “I adore your realness! Those hospital panties are the best!”

"I’m laughing so hard. Tell me those hospital underwear are not god sent?!" wrote another.

The post has racked up nearly two million likes.

Chrissy’s post reveals the real deal behind how giving birth can affect a woman’s body, and that’s good for struggling moms everywhere.

Paige Bellenbaum, a Brooklyn based mom who started The Motherhood Center, which provides supportive services for new and expecting moms, tells Personal Space in regards to the post-baby body image, Chrissy is sending the best message.

“A lot of the women that come here for treatment are really bombarded by images on social media of new moms looking happy and smiling, and everything people have access and exposure to on social media as a new mother is people posting the best shots. What’s left out of the dialogue is the bad days,” Bellenbaum says.

“New moms struggling and their body being different and potentially having extra weight … seeing images of perfection compounds the sense of urgency and shame about themselves going through this transition to motherhood,” she adds.

Bellenbaum says so often women are comparing themselves to others and that gives them a level of shame and guilt about their own image.

“They’re thinking everyone else is perfect and I’m not,” she says, “So being exposed to these very real aspects of motherhood is good. The more we have public figures step forward and say ‘this happened to me,’ it gives other others permission to not have to race to perfection.”

Post-birth women need to be careful, “nutrition ad health are very important components of the post-natal period,” Bellenbaum says, and to take care of a newborn and make sure a mom is getting proper nutrition and sleep is hard if we’re “constantly bombarded” by someone wearing a size 2 right after birth.

“It’s already enough to be transitioning, then the fact you’re somebody’s mother and not sleeping — added with the extra pressure of fitting into your skinny jeans again is too much,” she says. “The relationship to the body and your whole identity with your physical self becomes challenged when you become a mother.”

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