5 Co-Ed Baby Shower Games Your Guests Won’t Hate

5 Co-Ed Baby Shower Games Your Guests Won’t Hate

Baby showers aren't just for the ladies — more men are attending, and the games are a-changin'.

By Jen Glantz

Baby showers are a chance to gather together the people you love the most in this world to celebrate the new love of your life growing inside of you. Which is why, when you’re planning your baby shower, there are truly no rules to follow, except that it’s always best to make it a fun time for your guests. 

If you’re teaming up with your partner, or just expanding your guest list from being female-only to being genderless, co-ed baby showers are the perfect opportunity to ditch traditional games, like candy bar diaper or blindfolded baby food taste-testing, and go with activities that your guests will be enamored with instead. 

Here are five co-ed baby shower games your guests will be raving about for months after your baby-to-be is born into the world. 

1. Baby Bump Twister

The game of Twister is always a favorite at any party, since it gets your guests up on their feet and laughing as they stretch their bodies in weird positions. But adjusting the game of Twister to make it baby-shower friendly, takes it to a whole other level. 

“I did a co-ed baby shower so I could invite my guy best friends and also my husband’s best friends. Our favorite game is Twister so what we did to kick off the party, was make everyone put a balloon under their shirt, or dress, and then play Twister. If your balloon popped, you were automatically out. It made the game extra competitive and it was also a really cool icebreaker for guests who didn’t know anyone else there. Everyone was BFF by the end.” – Jill E., 29 

2. Don’t Say Baby

If you’re looking to make your co-ed baby shower feel as untraditional as possible, a game that rewards your guests for not saying the word baby might do the trick. 

“I didn’t even want a baby shower but my mom and my husband’s mom threw one for us anyway. We played the game where we told guests they weren’t allowed to say the word baby until the end of the shower, when I opened gifts. If they said it before then, they had to take a shot of milk. It made it fun and competitive. It also made it less about the baby, AKA my goal, and more about just getting all our friends together, one last time, before we became parents.” – Claire S., 36 

3. Don’t Let the Water Break

Your baby shower games don’t have to be played at a table, inside, while your guests fork down brunch. Switch up the scenery a little bit and play a game with your guests outside. 

“The best moment of our co-ed baby shower, was when we played a game called, “Don’t let the water break.” Our guests paired up, went outside, and tossed each other a water balloon. Every 30 seconds, they had to take a step back, getting further and further away from each other. By the end of the game, with two pairs left, all of our friends and family members were on the sidelines making noise and cheering them on. It will go down as the best game ever played at a co-ed baby shower!” – Danielle H., 31 

4. Baby Beer Pong

If you’re baby shower has an open bar, you can incorporate drinking games into your party, especially if you want to get your guests hanging out in teams, or pairs. 

“My husband had the bright idea to play a game he likes to call Baby Beer Pong. He ordered these mini baby dolls from Amazon and used them instead of ping pong balls to have people play the game. Everyone was so into this game that we had to make a beer run halfway through. I played, happily, with apple juice.” – Trice L., 35 

5. Baby Price is Right

Opening gifts at a baby shower is a great way to thank your guests on the spot for shelling out their cash for something you and your baby are going to need. Instead of opening gifts one by one, make a game out of it. This works best if you let guests know ahead of time and have them each bring a gift under a certain amount for this purpose, or be sure not to mention the giver of the gift during game play. 

“We played Baby Price is Right at our co-ed shower. We opened all the gifts and we had guests try to guess how much each one cost. The person who came the closest won a gag gift prize (that we got ahead of time). It was a great way to get everyone involved when it came time to sorting through the gifts.” – Shelly H., 31

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