Could This Child Support Battle Allow Kevin Federline to Keep Kids From Britney Spears?

Could This Child Support Battle Allow Kevin Federline to Keep Kids From Britney Spears?

The father of six is reportedly looking for higher child support payments for Preston and Jayden.

By Tamara Palmer

Britney Spears was reportedly paying Kevin Federline $20,000 per month in child support for their two children, Preston, 12, and Jayden, 11. It has now been said to have increased to $25,000, but sources reveal that the father of six might have been looking to double his payout from the pop star. 

“Britney is extremely agitated and extremely concerned that Kevin is going to no longer allow her to see their children because he has sole custody as retribution for not agreeing to the $40,000 in child support payment, which would be a $20,000 increase from what he is getting now,” an anonymous source thought to have a legal connection to Britney told US Weekly.

According to the source, Britney and her conservator father Jamie Spears don't know why Kevin would need more money because they pay for the major stuff: “all of Preston and Jayden’s expenses are paid for while they are with Kevin, from schooling, clothes, insurance. There is nothing that Kevin has to pay for. Nothing has changed in the care Britney has given the kids and Kevin has acknowledged what a great mom she is … Lost in all of this is the kids, they are the ones caught in the middle.”

The Blast reported that Kevin told the courts that he makes just $3,000 per month as a DJ and his lawyer told US Weekly that he deserves three times the amount of child support than he's gotten over the years and that they're seeking a court hearing for both parties to "engage in financial discovery, which will enable guideline support payment that he should receive."

Let's hope this doesn't get messier than it sounds.

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