Coworkers Who Sleep With Other Coworkers Are More Productive (At Work)

Coworkers Who Sleep With Other Coworkers Are More Productive (At Work)

You'd think they'd be exhausted, but no. 

By Marianne Garvey

Almost 60 percent of employees across multiple industries report they've had sex with a coworker. Not so shocking. But, a new study has found that those same employees admit they are happier and more productive at work as a result.

In some industries, workplace relationships may be more common among employees who simply don’t have the time to date elsewhere, and it’s a cycle — more time at work, more productive, more time with fellow employees.

And, according to the survey, one industry stood out; the majority of people in the hotel, food services, and hospitality industry were currently in workplace relationships and happier at their jobs because of it.

They weren’t alone either. While slightly less common, employees working in finance and insurance, wholesale and retail, and technology were more likely to get intimate with colleagues than other industries.

“Americans coupled up at work were even less fearful for their job security than people not in workplace relationships, and even those who’d previously been romantically linked to a co-worker saw themselves as happier and more productive,” said the study. “Research has shown almost nothing in life makes us happier than being in love, and a successful relationship is often more fulfilling than a successful career.”

But…while some experts advised you should never engage in romance with a co-worker, even though when asked, a quarter of Americans not dating someone at work still felt the odds were better when trying to woo a co-worker over someone outside the office.

Other positives:

Employees involved with someone at their job reported they had a better rapport with their peers and that working with a significant other was better for relationship satisfaction.

While the overall perception of workplace romance was positive, people working in certain industries weren’t as into it as others.

Americans in information services and data processing, the scientific community, and medical and health care were the least likely to agree it was appropriate to date a co-worker.

Sex around the office without dating was completely different.

Over 60 percent of Americans working in wholesale and retail, technology, the arts, and hospitality had slept with a co-worker at some point in their professional careers and didn’t love the idea of doing it again.

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