How Can People Navigate Dating in the #MeToo World?

How Can People Navigate Dating in the #MeToo World?

Everyone is afraid to say (or do) anything wrong. 

By Marianne Garvey

Dating in a feminist world is a new reality for singles — and it can be a challenge. Women can do it all for themselves, but they still want to be treated like a lady, and that’s where it gets complicated. Who pays? What’s OK to say when you’re flirting? What does this mean for relationships?

Relationship expert and upscale matchmaking service Platinum Poire co-founder Rori Sassoon breaks down how best to date respectfully for Personal Space, and how to find the right balance when you meet someone you really like.

Woman can take charge — and have balance.

“Women need to learn how to be boss in the boardroom and a lady in the bedroom. Balance. It’s very emasculating to a man to be bossed around. How do you walk the fine line? Guys usually respond well to direct communicators. You can do this and be soft about it. Are we sending them mixed messages? Yes. It depends on your communication skills,” Sassoon says.

Led him lead sometimes.

“When she pays for dinner because she wants to go where she wants to go, this can be emasculating to a man. You set the tone by how frequently you pay. Some women want to take control all of the time, not just once or twice. Let the man lead,” Sassoon says.

The sexes really are on different pages.

“Guys are not understanding us. We suck at communication. We are wordier than men. Play it out in your head first. Really think about your communication before you communicate,” she adds.

Don’t be a know-it-all.

“We want to wear the pants, but when is it appropriate? When the person that you’re in a relationship with is going through a difficult time, have the strength to wear the pants so you can make the decisions when they are not well. It is also appropriate when it is your area of expertise, i.e. you're an accountant and are better with money. It is okay as long as it’s done with respect and you are not coming across as a know-it-all.”

In a study done on the #MeToo movement and dating, MTV found that over half of their research participants, 55 percent, say recent news has made them have more conversations about sexual harassment and assault, and what they are comfortable with.

"While the prevalence of sexual harassment and abuse fueled a raging public debate, the 'MeToo' movement also sparked a series of difficult and revelatory private conversations for some women with their spouses, partners and family members," they reported. 

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