Divorce Attorney Laura Wasser Explains Why Celebrities File For Divorce on Friday, and Other Industry Secrets

Divorce Attorney Laura Wasser Explains Why Celebrities File For Divorce on Friday, and Other Industry Secrets

Hollywood's "Disso Queen" is sharing tricks of her trade. 

By Jenny Berg

Los Angeles divorce attorney Lauren Wasser is called the "Disso Queen" for a reason. The legal pro has dissolved the marriages of many an A-List celebrity: think Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian West, and countless others. "I make it as pleasant as possible under the circumstances and [clients] may say to one of their friends, ‘She was good, go to her,’” Wasser shared with Entertainment Tonight

In addition to keeping the whole divorce experience as painless as possible, Wasser knows a few other tricks of the trade — especially for clients like hers, who spend their lives in the spotlight. One of those tips? When it comes to filing, it's all about timing. 

"It is not a coincidence that [celebrities file for divorce] on a Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend,” Wasser told ET. “Our hope is that it slips through the news cycle rather than on a Monday, where you are hearing about it for the entire week.” 

She also tries to work out the details of the "disso" before the papers get filed, if possible. "We advise couples in the limelight to see if we can get as much as possible resolved before we [file the court documents]," Wasser said.

“When we file the paperwork, it is usually after things have been in the pipeline for some time and have it all really done on the DL without anybody having to know about it, read about it or see it.” 

And, here's another juicy tidbit. If you read about a contentious couple hiring PI's to spy on each other, well ... that bit of tabloid fodder may just be true. Especially where custody battles are involved, attorneys have hired private investigators to find some dirt on the opposing spouse. 

Wasser's firm charges $850 to receive those pro tips and others. (This is Hollywood, after all.) But, for those without a movie star's income, Wasser has a new offering. Her free, online platform ItsOverEasy.com launched today (January 25.)

The site features articles written by folks who have been through the rigors of divorce, allows users to file their own documents, and also houses videos of Wasser sharing tips about the process. 

It's a bit like hiring Wasser to represent you — minus the whole $850-an-hour thing. 

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