About 50 Percent Of Women Think Valentine's Day Is Meaningless, Just FYI

About 50 Percent Of Women Think Valentine's Day Is Meaningless, Just FYI

One in four women say they will spend the night alone on Valentine's Day — but don't feel bad for them.

By Marianne Garvey
Valentines Day Candy Hearts

Is Valentine’s Day that big of a deal anymore?

A study done by Summer’s Eve asked 2,000 women how and with whom they are planning to spend Valentine’s Day, as well as their real thoughts on the “holiday.”

While 45 percent still want a traditional date night, the rest could really care less — they’re either spending it alone, with friends, or leaving it up to their partner to make plans. 

Nearly 50 percent said they will make their own plans this year. One in four women said they will spend the night alone. 

Also, don’t pop the question tonight. Uh, do it tomorrow — 16 percent called putting a ring on it on Valentine’s Day “tacky.” 

50 percent of women think the whole day is tacky and overrated. 52 percent say it’s important to have a significant other on Valentine’s Day.

Some people still like the holiday, though. 56 percent said they felt pressure to get a date for the night. (24 percent picked someone up in a bar or club that night.)

43 percent say it’s important to have sex on Valentine’s Day, and 25 percent have dialed an ex in order to not be alone for the night. 

Besides the sex and drunk dialing, women who did want to celebrate Valentine’s Day wanted a romantic dinner (67 percent).

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