Donald and Melania Trump Didn't Even Acknowledge Their Wedding Anniversary on Social Media ... So What Does It Mean?

Donald and Melania Trump Didn't Even Acknowledge Their Wedding Anniversary on Social Media ... So What Does It Mean?

Separate bedrooms, separate lives?

By Marianne Garvey

The American public loves a glimpse into the private lives of our presidents and their wives. What’s their relationship like? How do they act when they’re being regular humans?

Our current president, Donald Trump, just marked 13 years since he married First Lady Melania, but neither acknowledged the date on any social media pages, nor wished each other a “Happy Anniversary” in public.

Of course, Donald was still tweeting on their special day, Monday, picking on Democrats on the deal to reopen the government following a shutdown. “Big win for Republicans as Democrats cave on Shutdown,” he tweeted.

Melania took to Twitter over the weekend to celebrate her husband’s first year in office, writing: “This has been a year filled with many wonderful moments. I’ve enjoyed the people I’ve been lucky enough to meet throughout our great country & the world!” She included a selfie with a military member.

The two were not spotted on a date privately either. According to The Washington Post, the duo eat most of their meals inside the White House when in town. Maybe they had a romantic dinner instead?

Or perhaps the reports of Donald secretly paying off porn star Stormy Daniels to keep mum about their sexual relationship while he was married to Melania got to the First Lady. She did just cancel her plans to join him on his trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, although the White House claims that’s due to “scheduling issues.”

Attention was brought to the lack of social media love between the two after our former first couple, Barack and Michelle Obama, just celebrated her birthday on Instagram last week with a sweet picture of Barack sending her a card and flowers.

"Thank you @BarackObama for the beautiful flowers waiting for me in the office this morning. You’re my best friend, biggest fan, and getting notes and flowers from you will never get old. And to the many people from around the country who sent cards and posted on social media, you have no idea how much we love hearing from you. I know birthdays can sometimes be bittersweet (54!), but your messages of hope, generosity, and warmth have always reminded me how lucky and blessed we are."

And Barack wrote her a note reading:

“You’re not only my wife and the mother of my children, you’re my best friend. I love your strength, your grace, and your determination. And I love you more each day.”

On their 25th wedding anniversary in October, he made her (and the public) a loving video.

“The idea that you would put up with me for a quarter of a century is a remarkable testament to what a saintly, wonderful, patient person you are,” he said. Awww, #BarackandMichelle4Eva

Psychology Today has delved into the subject of couples and their relationships on social media. Who overshares and who things keeps private says a ton about the inner workings of the relationship.

“How does relationship-related visibility and information posted on Facebook relate to individuals’ satisfaction with their relationships?” Psychology Today asks. “Among married individuals, having a profile picture on one's Facebook page that includes their romantic partner was associated with higher levels of marital satisfaction and closeness. The researchers also found, in a daily diary study that tracked participants over a period of two weeks, that individuals were more likely to share information on Facebook about their romantic relationship on days when they felt more satisfied…We can’t assume that relationship satisfaction causes people to post more about their relationships on Facebook or vice versa. But there does seem to be a tendency for people who are especially happy in a relationship to make that relationship visible to others.”

Relationship coach and matchmaker Kristi Price tells Personal Space that, at the rate Donald Trump tweets, he should have included a short note to his wife.

"My whole thing is couples should keep their private life private but Donald blasts social media all the time so it's almost expected that he would wish his wife a Happy Anniversary but they didn't do it last year either," she says, adding tha the two don't even seem cozy in real life. 

"When watching videos of Melania and President Trump, there doesn’t seem to be much adoration between them. Could their lack of public affection be attributed to their choice to separate their professional and personal lives from the public? I’m a firm believer that what happens between a couple behind closed doors should stay behind closed doors. Their relationship is between them and only them.

"I believe the media frenzy over this, in part, is due to the fact that their predecessors celebrated anniversaries and made the media aware of this as well. It has become a tradition but then nothing about this new President has been traditional in terms of past presidencies. What do we know? Since Trump has taken office, they have not celebrated their anniversaries … at least publicly. This may be their choice to keep their personal life a private matter. However, the issue with this couple not publicly acknowledging their anniversary is how active President Trump is on social media on every other subject matter. So why not wish his beautiful wife a happy anniversary, and her him, publicly?"

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