Woman Catches Guy Slipping off His Wedding Ring Before Asking Her Out — Here's How She Reacted

Woman Catches Guy Slipping off His Wedding Ring Before Asking Her Out — Here's How She Reacted

 Philadelphia matchmaker Kristi Price tells us the tale, and explains why it happens.

By Marianne Garvey

If you're married but would rather be single, taking off your ring doesn’t make it so, noted Philadelphia matchmaker Kristi Price, who spied a guy slipping off his wedding band before asking her out in their exercise class.

When hitting a kettlebell class recently, Price just wanted to sweat it out and really wasn’t in the mood for any drama. But she spotted the handsome guy walk in the room wearing a wedding ring and setting up shop right beside her.

“The reason I noticed his ring loss so quickly is because I always look for wedding rings right off the bat because I always recruit singles for clients,” she told Personal Space.

He attempted to talk her up,  acting cheerful and flirty with her, which Price, an attractive brunette, said she found “harmless.”

“I saw he did have a wedding ring on so I just enjoyed the quick banter,” she added. “Then I go to get a couple more kettlebells and I come back and… his ring is gone. I saw it in the palm of his hand for the warm-up and then he put it on his right hand. I was on his left so this was easy to see.”

His flirting got heavier, and finally, as the class ended he asked her if she wanted “to grab a drink sometime.”

Price’s response?

“Sure! I’d love to! Will your wife be joining us?”

She tells us he was surprised that I knew he had originally walked in wearing a ring, which, she says, she told him “he could put back on.”

As a matchmaker, she took it in stride, as she sees men, and women sometimes, remove their ring in order to flirt or cheat. “Some reasons include lack of being emotionally or sexually satisfied at home, so they want to see what else is out there,” she says. “Or, there may not be anything wrong in their marriage, they just need attention and validation for their ego.”

But, she adds, “unless you have an open relationship, that both parties are aware of, have the decency and respect for yourself and your partner to cut the cord and get a divorce if you keep taking off your ring."

Unfortunately, taking off a wedding ring to cheat is all too common. One commenter on Yahoo even offerd some advice to a guy who wrote that he was planning to cheat on a business trip after being married for nine years. "Sometimes if you take your ring off, there might be a tan left. Be prepared to lie that you are recently divorced. Some women like a man with a ring on because they know it usually will be a one-night stand. Whatever the case, good luck," he writes. Just great.

There's always this jewelry designer's bright idea — Jason of Beverly Hills has designed a wedding ring deeply engraved with the word "married" on the inside. When you take it off, the word stays imprinted on your finger. Take a look.

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