This Is Gwyneth Paltrow and Fiancé Brad Falchuk's Favorite Couple Activity

This Is Gwyneth Paltrow and Fiancé Brad Falchuk's Favorite Couple Activity

Hint: We need it to survive. 

By Marianne Garvey

Gwyneth Paltrow’s writer/producer (not to mention gorgeous) fiancé Brad Falchuk not only openly admits the two are together now, he’s spilling on their favorite activities they like to do together. 

“We like to go out to dinner a lot, we like to eat,” he says in the new issue of Goop magazine. “Gwyneth likes to eat.”

He adds, “It sounds silly, but anything with her is good.”

He’s so into his lady he’s even been dragged to Tracy Anderson classes for a workout — by "dragged," he says he went for a full year as the only guy in the class.

Brad doesn’t participate in Gwyneth’s famous cleanses though, saying she gets grumpy when she can’t have her favorite fried foods. 

“She did a brutal cleanse…when she can’t eat something fried it’s tough, mama needs something fried, french fries…”

The two do Goopy stuff together too, like infrared saunas, which is how they usually start their days. 

“A half-hour of hot nakedness how is that not good for a relationship?” Brad asks. 

And their meet cute? Brad says the first words he probably ever said to his love were "hi."

“I probably said ‘hi,’ we were on a set she was dressed as Mary Todd Lincoln,” he says, adding that yes their love will last into their 90’s, and they’ll probably be arguing about food. 

“It will always be, ‘where should we have dinner?’” he says.

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