Here Are Kris Jenner's Kids Ranked By Favorite (Yes, Her Favorite)

Here Are Kris Jenner's Kids Ranked By Favorite (Yes, Her Favorite)

She loves them all in her own way ... or does she?

By Marianne Garvey
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Kris Jenner is the most famous momager of all time — and loves her six kids equally, we're sure. Buuuuut, if she had to choose, who would be her favorite? And why stop there? 

The latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians showed a couple siblings battling it out over who is really the favorite. It also left Kris looking less-than-fresh (below) ... sooooo the title of favorite child is definitely up for grabs.

Something tells us Kris did NOT enjoy this sweet surprise. 😬 #KUWTK

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Let's take when we've seen play out in the public eye over the years and try to guess where each child would stand in Kris' heart (you know, hypothetically.)

1. Kim

Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians may have tried some trickery, having the audience think Kylie had moved to the top spot, but please. Kim will forever and always be Kris' number one. While mom spun her wheels on how to make the family stacks on stacks on stacks, Kim got out there with her booty and was the first to become famous. She's made the most money, she married a famous rapper who Kris is obsessed with, and she thinks just like Kris. Most of the time these two know what they are saying without words. Kim, Kim, Kim. 

2. Kylie

She's young and has time, and may be able to knock Kim out of the top spot. With her Lip Kits bringing in millions every day, it looks like Kylie is the apple of her mom's eye recently. She also gave that speech at the family Christmas dinner where she cried about how much she loves her mommy. She lives close and likes to spend time with Kris, and seems to show her lots of respect. But mostly, those Lip Kits. 

3. Khloé

Oh sweet Khloé. She calls her mom "Kris Jenner," pulls pranks on her, and doesn't even seem to kiss up that much. But, she lives in Cleveland nearly all of the time now, which Kris visited once thank you very much, and doesn't seem as co-dependent on her mom as Kim. Khloé also tries to be fair, trying to understand Caitlyn Jenner's role in the family, and not automatically siding with Kris in every family fight. 

4. Kendall

Even though she owes her modeling career to Kim (according to Kim), and Kris pulled strings to get Kenny on runways across the world in the beginning, Kendall is now a supermodel in her own right. She's the most Jenner-ish of the bunch and is happy doing her own thing. She's independent, and the only one of the bunch who doesn't live near mom in downtown L.A., but she is bringing in ten percent for Kris with those huge modeling contracts so she's not last. Not first, but not last. Also, no grandkids. 

5. Rob

First off, Rob doesn't make Kris any money, but his emotional problems have brought her to tears on the show many times — so it's clear she cares for her only boy. Even though she's a momager, she's still his mom, after all. She'll even throw him a bone and plug those socks every once in a while. 

6. Kourtney

The caption says "Day 6," but she really means "Number 6."

DAY 6 🎄🎁

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Couldn't be more opposite than Kris. Into all organic, natural wellness, she spent the first four years of KUWTK silently furious at her mom for cheating on Robert Kardashian, and it doesn't seem the two see eye to eye on how they mother. Last week Kourtney told her mom off for micromanaging grandma Mary Jo's countertop space, and every time Kourt and Kris are together Kris is mostly Facetiming Kim. 

So there you have it. Kylie can slip into number one, but we doubt Kim will give up that spot so easily. 

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