How Come Sofia Richie Never Turns 20? An Investigation

How Come Sofia Richie Never Turns 20? An Investigation

OMG she's been 19 since the beginning of time. 

By Marianne Garvey

Ever notice how Sofia Richie is always 19? She never turns 20. Well, that’s about to change.

I did the math and, since every 365 days, I bump my age up by one year, Sofia must be doing the same. She’s been alive for 19 years. That means, on August 24, she will turn 20. Finally. She will finally be 20.

Why does it seem like she’s been 19 since Bethenny Frankel had that brown couch and lived on the Upper East Side? A few reasons:

One, it’s a really young age for her boyfriend Scott Disick to be dating. He’s 35, so their age difference is constantly mentioned in stories about them. 

Two, his ex-girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian, is 39. That makes Sofia exactly 20 years younger than her. Again, the huge age gap between the two is somehow fascinating. On one hand Scott's got a family and three kids, on the other he's globetrotting with a teenager. Just calling it what it is.

Three, Scott and Kourtney’s son Mason is eight. Sofia is closer in age to Mason than to Scott. When she's out with his kids, it looks like she's the pretty au pair from Brussels and Scott's dad to the host family.

Since every article ever written about Scott and Sofia lists her as 19, as time went on, it appeared she was remaining the same age for an absurdly long period of time. Every time the number appeared, the inside of my head would scream “Why is she still 19?” Because those are the kinds of things I worry about to distract myself from the horrors of reality. So while the oceans fill up with plastic that is killing our beautiful whales, I’ve become obsessed with tracking the aging process of the daughter of a singer who thinks he can somehow dance on the ceiling. 

The two made their first official public appearance together (and into my brain) in December 2017, at an Art Basel party in Miami, Florida. But there were rumors they were hooking up way before that. Since then, they've been on and off and since Scott's also a Kardashian sister ex (a new reality show idea right there actually), there's always curiosity surrounding him. So for the entire year we’ve been reading about their relationship, she really has been 19. 

With some research (a simple Google check) it’s been discovered that her birthday is August 24. Which is next week. Hopefully, on that day, she will receive a cake with a huge 2-0 on it and websites across the world will start writing Sofia Richie, 20, in any story that involves her.

Hopefully, everyone can rest easier now. You're welcome. 

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