This Is Approximately How Long People Research Someone Online Before a Date

This Is Approximately How Long People Research Someone Online Before a Date

Come on, you know you're being Googled before your first date.

By Marianne Garvey

You know there’s really no such thing as a totally blind date anymore — not with the deep dive you can do online beforehand.

In a recent study of 2,000 dating adults, 88 percent admitted to researching prospective mates before even agreeing to a first date. They researched even more after the date, whether they were into the person or not. Call it curiosity. In fact, only 11 percent said they never Google a potential date ahead of time.

As for how long, most said they spend 15 to 30 minutes on their research. Sixteen percent said they spent 45 minutes or more on digging into a potential partner. When asked if their date would be embarrassed to know how much research they did, 63 percent said yes.

So, what are people looking for, what are they finding, and how is it affecting their experiences?

Well, first they are checking Facebook, then Google, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube. Women were twice as likely  to check everything they could.

In order to get info, people plugged in the following: name, phone number, username, hometown, pictures, school, and company they work for.

People said they were looking for information in this order: pictures, interests, personality, friends, criminal background, exes, work history, education, and political and religious views.

They backed out of a first date after finding info they didn't like related to a criminal background, personality, interests, political views, and not liking pictures.

Here’s what people found their date was lying about based on their prior research — weight, living situation, age, height, life experiences, income, work, skills, and education.

Two-thirds say they go "most" or "all the way" back in a person's social media profile.

But hey, at the end of the day, the majority of people (63 percent) say they aren't embarrassed by their pre-date investigations.

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