In-Person Breakups Are on the Decline, More and More People Getting Dumped By Text

In-Person Breakups Are on the Decline, More and More People Getting Dumped By Text

Is there an "it's not me, it's you" emoji?

By Marianne Garvey

Breakups usually suck, but should you ever do it by text? Well, yes, is the surprising answer.

But first — a few stats to look at: Over half (57 percent to be exact) of Americans have broken up with someone over text message, according to a survey done by Simple Texting.

Women are more likely to be broken up with over text message than men with 55 percent of women having received a break-up text. In fact, it’s become a more popular dumping method than email.

In-person breakups are on the decline: 69 percent of millennials have been broken up with over text.

While some people say dumping by text is cowardly, a few experts actually say it could save you a headache in the end.

When is it OK to breakup with someone using your thumbs?

If you’ve only been out with them a few times, you don’t really owe them an in-person talk about emotions and feelings. If they are stable, they should be able to understand and handle it.

If the person was truly awful and you never want to see them again. Just hit send. Buh-bye.

If someone ghosted you, you can get your own closure by sending a “just confirming we’re done here” text, even if you don’t get a response. Not your problem.

A long-distance hookup that needs to end. Either you’ve met someone else, or you’re just over it, no need to purchase a plane ticket and break up in person if it was a casual thing.

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